Be Brave.

Peer to Peer Support

Online and IRL support from other ravers who deal with similar stresses. Anonymous help requests, a private social group, and real life meetups to help us cope

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Free Self Growth Training

We challenge each other to learn new tools in a judgment free environment and provide free training and support for things like meditation, journaling, exercise, and more!

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Meetups and Gatherings

Having a real life support networks is a critical component to self mastery. Come hang out and make kandi with us, hit up some shows, bond over mens and womens support groups, and so much more!

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PLUR Doesn't Have To End In The Parking Lot

Our mission is to cultivate a supportive community within the festival culture with unique resources dedicated to changing the stigma around mental health. To challenge and empower ourselves and our peers and influence personal growth within. And to redefine what it means to Be Brave.

Our whole purpose is to bring the best out in each other. We are tired of pretending things are ok, and we decided we are going to do something about it.

Join the fam, and let's all work together to make the most of this life while we are still here.


Join Us

Start by joining our private Facebook group, a safe place to get free support from like minded ravers!


BraveFam Challenges!

We love to challenge each other to grow, and have lots of various subgroups and challenges all aimed at helping us better ourselves and our lives! We even have an accountability coach for those who want the extra motivation!

  • Meditation - Train your brain to better serve you with weekly free meditation training meetups, lots of online help and challenges.
  • Journaling - Write your story so even on dark days you can see the light!
  • Rave Booty Camp - Weekly "Happy Hikes", online videos, free fitness coaching and challenges to help get our brains feeling better!
  • BraveFam Book Club - Read awesome books
  • Men's Group - Monthly men's group where we can all participate in free group sessions.
  • Women's Group - Monthly women's group where we can all participate in free group sessions.